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Let’s talk about Me, you, your wife, and what all of us have in common. Yes, you got it right, cuckold, we all are in love with a Big Black Cock.

Even though I and your wife love fucking BBC, still, we cannot be compared. I have weapons in my possession, she will never be able to obtain. And when you beg Me to use them, they give Me something, she will never have – a COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR MIND.

You love how DEEP I can get under your skin, how DEEP My mesmeric claws impale into your MIND’s flesh, how DEEP your feelings are for Me. And all of it happens from the other side of the screen!

Imagine, you rather be My virtual cuckold than a cuckold for your wife.

We do not have any secrets. I do not need to fuck BBC behind you back. On the contrary, I will rub all the juicy details right in your cuckold’s face, and you will thank me for that! This is so much more fun, isn’t it? With Me, you don’t need to pretend. You just can be yourself.

So, let’s encourage your wife to get back with her BBC lover again. Let’s keep her occupied, while I am taking full advantage of your cock, your mind, and your wallet.

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