My Playground

The whole world knows about the power of Russian women: a special combination of kindness, dominance, elegance, strength, and passion which never makes us trivial, but rather dangerously mysterious and irresistibly seductive.

Of course, I am going to take advantage of your weakness for My Russian beauty. Men or Women? It does not matter. I am often told that people feel the scent of supremacy without even approaching Me: it’s in My nature, it’s in My blood, it’s in My veins.
You will be wrapped around My little finger in a blink of an eye.

Let’s set the right tone from the beginning – you must call Me Goddess or Miss Lust. Unless I allow you to use My first name, no other title is acceptable for My Deity. This is My playground, and you must follow My rules.

Your mind will become one of My favorite toys. Of course, I will treat it with care, but I will expand your kinky horizons immensely far. And after I stretched your mind to the limit, your body will have no choice but to follow.

Give into the ultimate fantasy of being seductively
mind-fucked, sensually dominated, and financially enslaved
by the most exotic Hypno Temptress


The Values

Here are some core traits I truly value in a submissive. It is very important for you to be ready to work on those if you lack any. Understanding Me and pleasing Me is your job. Work on yourself to become a better submissive, to fit the criteria I’ve set for every potential puppet of Mine.



I understand that most of the time, you are driven by the needs of your small head. And of course, I’ll use it to My benefit 😉

But I appreciate a lot of intelligence and have no patience for stupidity.

I hope you are one of the intelligent types.



Spare My time and yours if you are not ready for a long-term commitment.

I have no interest in social butterflies.
Your dedication, on the other hand, will make the game pleasant for both of us.



“Concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.”

It is never about you, silly.

It is always about Me! And if you thought otherwise, you were wrong. Forget about your wants and needs. They do not exist anymore. Only Me, My Pleasures, and My Desires matter from now on.



Learn to sacrifice for your Goddess. And make your offerings to My Sacred Deity noticeable. If it doesn’t hurt you, it’s not big enough! Try harder.



‘Compliance with an order, request, or law, or the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.’

When I give you a task or an order or I simply want something, I expect it to be completed right away. Fail and be punished.

Your Story

The Beginning

I find great pleasure in seducing your lustful nature and exploiting your every weakness. As you are reading My words, at this very moment, your mind sinks DEEPer under My charm. You feel a light tingling on your skin, your brain gets foggy, butterflies in your stomach… What is happening?

That is Me inside of your mind already. And it was easy as 1-2-3. You admire Me.

Love Addiction

Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, you are falling in love with Me. Step by step, DEEPer and DEEPer you are sinking into your Lust.

The MORE time and money you spend on My Gorgeousness, the MORE addicted you become. You realize how manipulative I am and how skillfully I am using your adoration of Me against you but…

you love Me for that even MORE.

Unfolding Your Obsession

Word by word, day by day, dollar by dollar, your addiction for Me grows stronger.
Interest turns into Admiration.
Admiration turns into Love.
Love turns into Obsession.

And after this point, there is no way back. It is too late now…

Give into the ultimate fantasy of being seductively mind-fucked,
sensually dominated and financially enslaved by the most exotic
Russian Temptress – Anastasia.