Welcome to NameTag,
your go-to service for personalized auditory HypnoDom experience.

Have you ever listened to a HypnoDom audio and thought,
“This is great, but it would be even better and more personal if I could hear my name.”

If so, your wish can come true! NameTag will do it for you!

Imagine Me saying YOUR NAME.
Imagine hearing Me repeating it over and over throughout the track.
Imagine how intimate and personal that experience is – Me whispering your name in your ears.


Now that you have vividly imagined Me being so close to you,

I want to tell you about the potential BENEFITS of hearing your name in a personalized HypnoDom session:

Increased Focus:

Hearing your name repeatedly
throughout the track
helps you stay more
present and focused.

Deeper Relaxation:

The added touch of personalization helps you feel more connected and engaged with Me, promoting a deeper sense of relaxation and calm.

Better Retention:

When you hear your name in a personalized track, it’s easier to remember and recall the information and guidance provided in the HypnoDom session.

Increased Motivation:

Knowing that the track was personalized just for you can help boost your motivation and commitment to becoming a better pet for Me.

Sense of Connection:

Hearing your name in a HypnoDom track can help you feel more connected to the experience and the practice, meaning My suggestions become much more effective.

NameTag takes your auditory HypnoDom experience to the next level by making it more meaningful and unique!
Try it today and fall even deeper under my spell.

How To Order

With NameTag, I add your name to the existing audio track (to the secondary voice track), creating a one-of-a-kind experience that is tailored just for you.

NameTag How To Order