Anastasia Lust

Welcome to my official website – to My Hypnotic QueenDom.
My name is Anastasia, and I am your newest Russian obsession. Nice to meet you, soon-to-be My forever obedient good boy.

Meet Anastasia


I enjoy very much turning curious little slut-puppies into obedient and selfless good boys – good boys, who want to belong to ME, so as you do.

They crave to be owned by ME, just like you do.

They look for My guidance, thirst for My attention, and are willing to do anything to deserve a place in My puppets collection.

They are willing to risk everything to become Mine.

And you are no different, perhaps even more willing, riskier, and deserving. As for the “deserving” part, though, you will have to work hard and prove you are worthy of being called Mine.

You have found yourself on this page for a reason, for that particular reason that you’ve been dreaming about being Seduced and destroyed by an elusive Russian Temptress, namely Anastasia.

And I am not going to hide it. I love seeing you here. I love it as much as a predator loves hunting down its prey.
And You Are My Prey Now.



I found this to be spellbinding and so connected to everything i have come to worship about Goddess. Just beautiful and helped me to surrender even more completely understanding the pleasure She holds for obedient good boys. it is all i want now. Thank You Goddess. i love hypnosis and this file is short, but surprisingly powerful.


After listening to this, all you will want in the world is the hypnotic control of Goddess Lust as she takes over your mind and turns you into an obedient pet and her good boy.


With someone as beautiful as Goddess Lust, it is hard to imagine just a recording could even complete with her videos. Trust me, it more than competes. Give Goddess Lust access to your subconscious mind, you will not reheat regret it although you will be altered by it. Her voice will melt you into clay for her to mold.


Certified Hypno Therapist


Anastasia – hostess of the Most Magical Voice,

helping you to ESCAPE the mundane and EMBRACE the extraordinary one Hypno word at a time.

Whether you’re seeking Relaxation through Guided Meditation, Hypnosis, NLP, or Bedtime Stories for adults, tingles through ASMR, or an adventure with my HypnoDom Role-Play, I’ve got you covered.

With my hypnotic, sultry voice, paired with exquisite Russian accent, you’ll be captivated and enchanted, and every audio experience will leave you wanting MORE.

So, if you’re ready to expand the limits of your imagination: