pay my bills

Pay My Bills

Do you want to be assigned to something special? Adopt one of my luxury bills and become your Goddess’s true worshiper. Prove your loyalty by committing to a consistent drain of your bank account in the name of my splendor.

Send Me Gifts

Send Me Gifts

You have been mesmerized by my exotic Russian beauty. Every delicious inch of my body makes you lust and crave. Get down on your knees, and max out your credit card, spend all of your hard earned money on gifts to worship your true Goddess.

My ATM Club


My exotic beauty and never-satisfied greed make you hard as a rock. Every time you click SEND your dick twitches, every time you spend MORE, you get harder. Join My ATM Club and play with me a withdraw game. Let’s see how fast you’ll cum?

Daily Slave Tasks

Monthly Wallet Drain

What can feel better than to be Automatically Drained by My Gorgeousness? Right! Absolutely nothing. Are you a selfless, devoted puppet, who’s willing to serve Me on a regular basis? Then you are the kind of wallet I’d love to have in My Collection.

crypto slave

Crypto Slave

Are you scared your wife/girlfriend or family might find out about your overspending habits? No worries, piggy. I have an ideal option to support your FinDom addiction. I will gladly accept your sky-high tributes in the form of Crypto Currencies. Be my coins digger.



Big or small it doesn’t matter. It is useless to me. I am going to put your pathetic worm where it belongs – in the cage! Meanwhile, I’ll torment you with my seductive ways, manipulate you, and finally, will empty your wallet. Make me happy. Lock it up for your Lust.

Still Have Questions?



Think twice before you continue, if you are not already there you will reach a point of no return. It will no longer be your choice.


After listening to this, all you will want in the world is the hypnotic control of Goddess Lust as she takes over your mind and turns you into an obedient pet and her good boy.


Tribute Me


*If you’d like to send Me a Gift instead, proceed to the Spoil Me Page to see what Gift Cards I love or to My Wish List to send Me an actual Gift.