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My previous clip in this very same fire bodysuit is quite elaborate, full of mesmeric language and layered visuals. But your loser’s brain doesn’t need anything like that. Your small brain can barely process basic commands like ‘Fuck you, pay Me, loser’, not to mention complicated brainwashing.

But your stupid dick, though, is quite responsive to basic primitive words and symbols. All I need to do is show you a LOSER symbol, and your cock gets hard instantly. If I laugh at you, on top of verbal humiliation, your dick will get even more excited.

No real man will get off on humiliation and stupid cliché FinDom phrases, but a loser, like you, does.

Only reading these words out load ‘FUCK you, PAY ME, loser!’ get you all horny, excited, and wanting to ‘BUY IT‘. Am I right, loser?

Take your pindick out. Let’s play a game now.

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