Every time you see a preview of my clip, you wonder:

Is it going to be the last one? Is it enough already? Why can’t I resist her? Every time I try, it seems I’m getting only deeper, and deeper under her spell…

And every time, you end up buying a clip and watching it, just like this one. And you can’t stop the voices in your head. You are thinking to yourself…

This clip contains the most dangerous elements of mind control, such as NLP, covert hypnosis, seductive visuals, and vocal effects.

The perfectly delicious blend to mind fuck you once and for all.

Buy at your own risk. Use HEADPHONES for better results.

  • Format: Video/MP4

  • Duration: 00:09:00

  • Size: 0.92 GB

  • Resolution: HD 1080p

Buy with fiat

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