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You’ve been starving for a while, and you can barely hold yourself back. MÖmmy’s beauty and dominance is driving you crazy, isn’t it, boy?! You want to stroke your cock to Me so badly, but My gorgeousness always comes first! And you know that! You know how demanding your MÖmmy is, and this makes you even more excited, even more difficult to resist.

You are MÖmmy’s Good Boy for a reason – you will never put your pleasure before Mine because you know for a fact that pleasing your MÖmmy feels better than pleasing yourself, feels even better than sex.

My SATISFACTION is the main TRIGGER for your brain, when activated, it helps to produce four primary chemicals that effect happiness: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

So, are you ready to please your MÖmmy and experience that euphoric, happy feeling right now? Take your cock out and show Me what an obedient, sweet, little good boy you are.

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