(Custom clip, no name mentioned)
Here is what my customer thinks about his very own Custom Fantasy:

Could not have asked for a more perfect custom. I’m stunned. The energy in this performance is absolutely magnetic; soles are pristine, the wrinkles emphatic; there are so many torturous close-ups and denials. I have just witnessed several new poses that will make as inspiration for the next custom, which I am already eager to order. Finally a Goddess who truly knows how to boss her foot boys around properly. One look at the outfit and I was already drooling. The socks were a perfect choice, so skimpy, revealing little wrinkles in the arches, in the soles as they flexed (I don’t think I could have waited any longer for them to come off, it was so teasing). The quality of this video is simply breathtaking. Thank you so, so much for putting me in my place with such delicious confidence. I will watch this again and again.

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