Become My Personal Human ATM

The only hard thing in your pants that may ever interest me, piggy, is your hard cash, of course.
And after all, how can you resist the urge to give it all up for my beauty? Look at me, in my eyes. Now imagine your dollar bills floating around my gorgeous body, slowly drifting right into my greedy hands. Tell me they don’t look much sexier on me?!
Sure thing, they do, my soon-to-be Human ATM.

Thirst For More

If you have found yourself on this page, it is most likely, because you have a strong interest in Financial Domination. From time to time, you indulge in sending little tributes. But it is not fun for you anymore, the high is not the same.

You might not be as deep into the game as you think for the moment. However, you are so ready to dive in.

Poor piggy, you are addicted to sending your money to a gorgeous, beautiful woman like me, craving for the honor of being allowed to spend all of your cash on every expensive whim of mine.

You want not only be allowed to send lustfully huge amounts of money but, rather you want to become My Property – My Personal Human ATM. You want to be used and abused by my gorgeous self in every way possible. Am I right, wallet?

Financial Ruin


Do you fantasize about being Financially Ruined? Are you ready to jump over the golden cliff straight to poverty for your Goddess?

Go big or go home.
Right? After all, why playing this game safely, when you came here for the thrill of being on the edge of financial ruin.  And I know your type. You love playing with fire. Let’s see if you have what it takes.

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than a pleasure of knowing how weak you are. I love seeing you on your knees in front of me, begging to send more and more! It’s funny how easily I can penetrate into your mind without even lifting a finger.

Only a seriously addicted Money Slave will be honored to call himself Goddess’s Lust Personal Human ATM. Therefore, you should suffer for this privilege. Every amount you tribute should be a sacrifice for you. If it does not hurt, then it is certainly not enough for my attention. Let’s play!

Personal Wallet

The truth is that I don’t need your money.
Hence give me the reason to accept it. Hand it all over and go broke in the name of my prosperity!

Sink DEEPER, work HARDER, spend MORE!

become what you were born to be,
Goddess’s Lust Personal Human ATM.


*$500 is maximum per Tribute, so send as many times as you must!

Tribute In Crypto

Are you scared your wife/girlfriend or family might find out about your overspending habits?

Are you tired of calling your bank and explaining yourself every time you want to send Me a huge Tribute?

Aren’t you a big boy, after all? Who wants to spend his money the way he wants to (on Me obviously) without being asked all the unnecessary questions?

Financial Domination must be easy, fun, and exciting. Without a middle man in between who takes all the thrill out of the game. Don’t you agree, boy?
No worries, wallet! I have a perfect solution for you.

I will gladly support your FinDom addiction without jeopardizing your privacy or taking any fun out of it and accept your sky-high Tributes in the form of Crypto Currencies.