Man’s curiosity always gets the better of you. And of course, I am going to use this (just like many other weaknesses of yours) to My own benefit.

So, here you are, staring at this Mesmeric SPIRAL, listening to My Mesmeric voice, and slowly, unconsciously falling into a Mesmeric Trance, wondering what is going to happen next. Will the SPIRAL consume you completely, will the power of the SPIRAL enslave you and make you do whatever the Master (Me) of The Spiral desires? You can not tell for sure.

But you, like a real addict, are not able to pass by another portion of high. Even though the trap is so obvious, the rush you are getting from being mesmerized and turned into My obedient good boy is too tempting.
And this time, it is a SPIRAL you are staring at right now, re-experiencing the feeling when all control is taken from you… and you fall DEEPER.

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Listen it on repeat, preferably at night. It is Ok if you fall asleep while listening to these messages. It is even better if you fall asleep, letting My voice to penetrate your subconscious mind just a little bit more.

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