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It was on your mind for quite some time. Yes, I am talking about you DIVORCING your wife for Me. Have you noticed, by the way, that I am not wearing any panties under My shiny dress?

Only imagine breaking FREE FROM your MARRIAGE, living your life to the fullest, realizing how beautiful every single day can be without unnecessary obligations and pretended happiness, dedicating your life to its TRUE PURPOSESERVITUDE and SUBMITION to your one and only Russian Goddess, to the only woman you truly love.

So, I am here to help you. Seduction is fun but it is not a permanent solution to your problem. I am going to add another skill of Mine – a much more effective one, the one I am renowned for – HYPNOSIS, of course.

Will you be able to focus on today’s session though or will you be distracted by that bare pussy of Mine?

This session is quite important, it serves as a Primer for your mind to get you ready for the following complete 30 minutes genuine Ericksonian Mesmerism, that will be available in my store in a few days.

Watch and listen carefully as many times as you need until you can get your eyes off My puss and focus on the important words I say.

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