Be aware, this is one of the most powerful files I have created so far. I am using the authentic Ericksonian technique to transfix your brain and mesmerize your mind, My irresistible body to captivate your heart, and binaural beats, that are set right between Delta and Theta brainwave states, which will help you to sink deep and let Me into your subconscious.

Be it the gorgeous curves on My hips and ass, be it the sound of My voice, be it the words I say or the reaction you have to one or the other, or, maybe, to all of it together, you are set to be mesmerized. You might feel the effect right away or, maybe, later on. It doesn’t matter.

The damage was done, the triggers were set.

Buy at your own risk. Use HEADPHONES for better results.

P.S.: if you are a Legs addict, this is a MUST-HAVE treat for you.

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