Big or small it doesn’t matter. It is useless to me. I am going to put your pathetic worm where it belongs – in a chastity cage! Meanwhile, I’ll torment you with my seductive ways, manipulate you, and finally, will empty your wallet. I’ll make you and your dick suffer. But don’t you love pleasing me in any possible way you can?

Give Up

You love chastity. Or are you only curious about it? It frankly makes no difference. Since you are here, you’ve been craving to give up the control over your chastity keys to someone else. It is not fun anymore to lock your dick up, then release and jerk it off whenever you want. There is no thrill in it.

It’s Mine

You want me to be in full control of your dick, mind, and your future orgasms. Imagine a key from your chastity cage, hanging as a pendant in between my gorgeous breasts, touching my soft skin. How tempting is the idea of me showing your key off on my wrist or ankle? Your dream is about to become true.

Key Holder

Here is a little catch though: I am a very expensive key-holder. I do not hold chastity keys for free. I have no interest in entertaining your bored mind and locked up dick unless I can extract everything from your bank account till the last cent. Remember, you have to suffer for me: physically and financially, of course. This is what makes me happy!

Now, enough talking. Lock it up. And go broke in the name of my Russian arrogance.

How it Works

Here are a few simple steps you must follow to get locked in the name of my Russian gorgeousness.

Buy Your Lock

You must buy your permission to be locked under my surveillance, be it one-use plastic locks or your keys sent to me*.

Key-Holding Fee

Pay a Key-Holding rate. The Fee is per week and it doesn’t include any personalized tasks**. Add additional days as you go.

Countdown Begins

Once all the fees are paid, you’ve got yourself a plastic key or I’ve received yours, the countdown begins.

Please Me Daily

Now, send me tributes, buy me gifts, pay my bills***, complete humiliating tasks for my entertainment. All to say, make sure you are serving your purpose as my chastised wallet, my play-toy.

Well Earned Release

Good boy, you have served your sentence. You may open your chastity cage and let your dick out. Enjoy your long-awaited release.

Is It For You?

Answer the next questions:

Are you struggling with Porn Addiction, wasting hours daily on jerking to porn?
Are you struggling financially by spending all of your earnings to supply your porn/sex addiction?
Do you have a hard time concentrating at work due to constant urges to masturbate?
Are you failing in life, personal relationships, etc. due to porn and/or masturbation addiction?
Do you compulsively masturbate?
Is your dick less than 5 inches?

If you answered YES to most of the questions, then CHASTITY is YOUR SALVATION. At this point, it’s not only a play but rather a life-saver for you. 

Ready to Get Locked by Your Lust?

Last But Not Least

* I prefer single-use plastic numbered locks to regular metallic keys. Plastic chastity lock ensures you are not going to remove it or if you try, I can see it right away, unlike a metallic one, which can be easily escaped. I insist on using a plastic one.

If your preference is still a regular padlock, you are welcome to send me a metallic key (which I’ll wear with pure satisfaction) to the address you will receive after paying a fee for the agreed period of time.

** Basic Weekly Key-Holding Fee does not include any personalized tasks/games or initial consultation (if you area beginner). Additional Fee will apply if you’d like to add those to your chastity experience. 

For basic communication, you must JOIN My DM is open for every subscriber (obviously in reasonable volumes). The best way to get an instant reply from me during day hours is to Text me right here:

*** When your chastity begins, Pleasing Me with tributes, presents, and bills reimbursements does NOT count as a part of your Basic Weekly Key-Holding Fee or as a payment for additional personalized tasks.